The Environmental Studies Centre (E.S.C.) has been running since 1995 for the purpose of supplying practical Environmental Education, and now welcomes about 3.500 students a year from the schools and universities of Cyprus, Western Europe and the Middle East. The great diversity of plant and animal life in the region where the ESC is situated makes it an ideal place in which to study the natural environment. This means we can offer a wide choice of educational programmes, e.g. forest and freshwater ecology, landscape processes, and the impact of tourist development on the environment etc. The programmes are designed to meet the specific needs of each group of students visiting us.


Our approach to the various topics and the development of related skills is based on the principle that there is no better classroom for learning about nature and the landscape than the countryside itself. The local landscape includes dramatic gorges, pine forest, oak woodland, permanent streams and wetlands. At the same time, the use of the well-equipped laboratory and teaching rooms gives students an additional opportunity to learn the workings of new equipment, laboratory processes and data analysis. Any length of programme can be arranged from a day-visit to residential courses up to two week in length, which include food and accommodation in the traditional village where the Centre is located.


The ESC employs teachers who hold diplomas in the natural sciences and who have experience in both teaching and research. We have two well-equipped laboratory/ classrooms with seating for about 40 people each, plus a study/ rest room with seating for 10, coffee-making facilities and a good collection of books of general and specific environmental interest.  All the usual equipment for fieldwork and lab follow-up is available, including flow-meters, clinometers, levels, soil-sieves, drying oven, pH and conductivity meters, PC with data-handling software etc. We have also built up stocks of background information sheets, recording tables, analysis sheets etc for each particular study day, any of which can be adapted to suit the requirements of particular groups.