G.C.S.E. / IB / ‘A’ Level Study Options


  1. An introduction to the Laonas area.
  2. An introduction to the Akamas Peninsula.


  1. An introduction to the main types of terrestrial vegetation.
  2. Fire & Vegetation Ecology:
    – soils, vegetation and the impact of fire in the landscape
  3. Vegetation, erosion and the impact of grazing.
  4. Coastal ecology:
    – distribution patterns in the flora and fauna of a rocky shore
    – zonation on an exposed rocky shore and a dune system
  5. Terrestrial invertebrates Ecology Study. Animals, and animal ecology of forest, garigue and steppe.
  6. Biomass Study Investigation of two habitats. Pyramids of numbers and biomass, food webs, energy transfer etc. of terrestrial invertebrates.
  7. Ecology of fresh-water:
    – comparison of animals and their adaptations in contrasting habitats
    – distribution patterns in a catchment, in relation to biotic and abiotic factors
    – use of indicator species and biodiversity in assessment of spring-water quality
  8. Pond pollution study Comparison of 2-3 village water tanks’ water quality:
    – the effects of agricultural methods on water. Use of bioindicator macroinvertebrates and abiotic parameters.