DOE International option

DOE International option

Duke of Edinburgh / International Award
Programme Options

Expeditions Only

Option 1/2:
Teaching and accommodation space only.

This basic option allows a visiting group to use our accommodation for instructors and participants to stay in on non-expedition days, and to use as a base for instructors whilst expedition groups are out walking and camping. This option also includes the use of a classroom(s) if required.

Option 2/2:
Teaching and accommodation space, and assistance from ESC staff member(s) with 4×4 vehicle access.

Here you get the same as option 1, but with the addition of an ESC staff member(s) who can assist you on certain or all training days and expedition days. They will also be available for call-out to any emergencies during the week. ESC staff members also have access to 4×4 vehicles, 5-seater or 7-seater.

For all options:

Food is provided at our Taverna for the whole group, whilst they are staying in ESC accommodation. When the participants are on their expeditions, (and any staff members wishing to camp out on a particular night), then the food must be provided for by the group/individual. Normally, an excursion down to the local supermarkets is organised after participants create a menu for their expeditions.

  1. All options can be tailored to specific requests.

Residential Project Only (Gold Level Only)

Option 1/2:
Individually Organised

As an individual, participants stay at the ESC accommodation for 5 days and 4 nights, outside of the pre-arranged dates (subject to date availability), where you will organise and carry out a residential week yourself with the ESC support.