What the ESC can offer you

What the ESC can offer you

What the CESC can offer you

  • Preparation and training for the Adventurous Journey:
    1. Route planning
    2. Navigation
    3. Campcraft, including food and cooking
    4. Technical skills in the mode of travel
    5. Observation and recording skills
    6. Understanding the impact of the journey on the environment
    7. Appreciating the culture within the journey’s environment
  • Show around your Adventurous Journey Supervisors so that they become familiar with the area.
  • Escort your Adventurous Journey Supervisors during the journeys, both practice and qualifying, if necessary.
  • Provide with camping & gear (tents, stoves & gas canisters, rucksacks etc) and local maps.
  • Help with hiring cars for Adventure Journey Supervisors.
  • Arrange for hiring Adventurous Journey Assessors.

The instruction and assessment procedures are provided in cooperation with One Step Further, the outdoor activities specialists – http://www.onestepfurther.com.cy/

What is important to know?

All the groups visiting the CESC for their Adventurous Journeys should do both practice and qualifying journeys in Cyprus to ensure all teams are ready and meet all 15 requirements for the qualifying.

All the participants should be properly equipped with the following for their safety according to one of the Award requirements:


  • good quality hiking boots and socks
  • waterproof jacket with hood (lightweight & packable)
  • waterproof over trousers (lightweight & packable)
  • warm hat and/or sun hat according to season
  • fleece gloves
  • warm breathable long sleeve base layers (bottom for winter and top for any season)
  • warm fleece jacket
  • breathable hiking pants and breathable t-shirt
  • water container 1,5L and vacuum bottle for warm drink 0,5L
  • headlamp

Additional for overnight:

  • Sleeping bag: rated ≤3 °C COMFORT EN13537, Weight ≤1100gr & packing size less than 35cm long x 19cm diameter
  • Insulating sleeping mat

Team gear:

  • 2 compasses per team (recommended model: Silva Ranger)
  • Watch for time keeping
  • Cooking sets

Not allowed:

Camouflage clothing, sleeveless tops, jeans