Additional activities

Additional activities

Those incurring an additional cost for specialist equipment / leaders are marked (*):

Day time activities:

  1. Mountain Biking (*)
    Enjoy the stunning scenery of the Akamas whilst learning about Cyprus’s geological past.
  1. Kayaking (*)
    Learn the correct procedures of kayaking, from manoeuvring to what to do if capsized. This activity involves many games where you will get wet – you have been warned!
  1. Rock Climbing/Abseiling (*)
    This activity probably provides the participant with the greatest sense of achievement. There are a variety of climbs ranging in scales of difficulty.
  1. Snorkelling (*)
    Swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and discover the hidden and fascinating world below the surface.  Learn about the flora and fauna of the area and how they have adapted to their surroundings.
  1. Hiking
    This activity is very versatile and can be adopted to cater for any level of ability, needs and learning requirements.
  1. Orienteering
    Excellent for promoting teamwork and learning how to use a compass and map competently.
  1. Gorge Walk
    Experience the breath-taking beauty of the Avakas gorge and walk its length learning about the flora and fauna within and how the gorge was created.
  1. Archaeological Walks
    Discover more about the cultural heritage of Cyprus with visits to ancient tombs, castles and mosaics.
  1. Outdoor Challenges
    A series of mini or full day challenges that build team-work, inspire trust and a sense of achievement.
  1. Episkopi Environmental Information Centre
    Visit the big cliffs of Episkopi village, where some of the protected Cyprus birds use for nesting and take a tour in the informational Centre, which provides information about the geology, flora and fauna (entrance fee is 2 Euro).

Evening time activities:

  1. Cyprus evening (*)
    Evening of traditional music and dance. See a demonstration and try it yourselves.
  2. Bat watching (*)
  3. Dinner at the traditional Cyprus tavern with life music
  4. Adventure time at Paphos (Mall or Bowling centre)

All our courses are supervised by experienced instructors, who are fully qualified first-aiders.